The Almighty Cleanse - Colon Waste Cleansing 7 Day Program from Danny Vierra. Cleanser As Seen on ITV.

Danny Vierra, a author, lecturer, and self-proclaimed "health evangelist" has developed The Almighty Cleanse®. Danny Viera has reviewed the medical literature and his reviews have found that colon health is the key to alleviating many kinds of illness. The Almighty Cleanse is a 7 day program designed to clean the toxins, parasites, and impacted fecal matter from your colon and intestinal tract. According to the ITV infomercial with Donald Barrett, the average American carries 22 pounds of packed fecal matter in their body. The acid-forming foods we eat cause mucus to form in our colon lining that inhibits our bowel movements and prevents us from absorbing nutrients. The Almighty Cleanse from Danny Vierra is a dual action program to clear and cleans the bowel and colon of the mucus. The first formula pushes out the caked-on, impacted fecal matter; the second formula drains the toxins and parasites from our bodies. Regular colon cleansing is the key to avoiding sciatica, diverticula , indigestion, gas, foot odor, hemorrhoids, swelling, bloating, ulceration and many other sicknesses. This is a 7 day cleanser program that everyone should perform every three months. Use the links below to find the best offer of Almighty Cleanse®
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