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Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have developed Proactiv® Solution, a complete acne treatment for clearing blemishes and preventing pimples. The treatment consists of these pieces: 1) Renewing Cleanser: Thoroughly scrubs your face of any impurities and dead skin. 2) Revitalizing Toner: Rejuvenates your skin cells. 3) Repairing Lotion: Prevents future outbreaks and heals current pimples and blackheads; contains pharmaceutical-grade benzoyl peroxide, which is much more effective and gentler on your skin than the medicine and medication that you'll find on the shelf of your local drugstore. Used together these special products are a proactive solution to get the clear skin you desire. Does Proactiv Solution work? Celebrities need to look their best: Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams, Avril Lavigne, Julianne Hough, Ryan Sheckler, Judith Light, Britney Spears, Elle Macpherson and P. Diddy all use Proactiv and publicly acknowledge that Proactiv works to give them clear skin. As seen on, The Rodan & Fields solution can do for you what did for these stars. Both people with severe acne and those with just occasional breakouts have been helped. Try the Official Proactiv+® for Yourself for Only $29.95 with FREE Shipping!
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Try the Official Proactiv+® for Yourself for Only $29.95 with FREE Shipping!
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