LifeLock - Reviews Prove Life-Lock Identity Theft Protection Works Against Fraud and Scam Artists. From Todd Davis.

Every 3 seconds an identity is stolen through one scam or another. Make sure you're not a victim of fraud with LifeLock®, the identity theft protection service that guarantees your good name. LifeLock works by securing your personal information, even if it falls into the wrong hands - if your personal information is stolen, LifeLock will cover up to $1 Million in losses and expenses to rectify any damage to your good name, guaranteed! In fact, LifeLock is so confident their services will keep you and your family safe from identity thieves, founder Todd Davis has given away his social security number as a challenge to malicious perpetrators - and as proof that LifeLock works. If your identity is stolen, filing complaints with your credit card company will only be part of the solution -- you'll still have to work hard to rebuild your good credit all by yourself. As seen on TV with Montel Williams and, LifeLock does it all - just read the reviews: "Someone steals my identity and goes into an RV dealership to buy an $82,000 RV using my name and my credit," says LifeLock customer Larry Hutson. "He didn't know that I had signed up for LifeLock. I get a telephone call, he gets arrested. End of story." With LifeLock, you'll never have to worry about securing everything you've worked so hard for because identity thieves can't touch you. Protect yourself, protect your family, and finally have piece of mind that your assets, your credit, and - most importantly - your good name are protected. Use the links below to find the best offer on LifeLock®.
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