30 Second Smile - Brushes Teeth Automatically In The Way That Dentists And Periodontists Prefer. Risk-Free Trial

With the 30 Second Smile™ you can automatically brush your teeth in the way that dentists and periodontists prefer, using the Bass brushing technique. This is because the 30 Second Smile uses six microbrush heads that automatically surround your teeth with soft bristles at the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time. You can do in just 30 seconds, what ordinary toothbrushes will do in three minutes—and more efficiently, too. As seen on TV with Dr. Bob Arnot, the 30 Second Smile won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Oral Dental Product of the Year award. With the 30 Second Smile, you can’t make a mistake. Its technology automatically places the bristles at the physician-prescribed 45-degree angle. You are completely rid of plaque, the gums are massaged and long term dental hygiene care and maintenance is enhanced. Also, your teeth are shiny and clean all day. The 30 Second Smile infomercial notes that with regular use and flossing twice daily, gingivitis can be reversed within 2 weeks. A 30 Second Smile System kit includes the 30 Second Smile unit, a designer stand and travel case; two sets of brushes--ultra soft and standard; a free professional tongue scraper; a one year warranty; and free brushes for life. The 30 Second Smile is available in models for adults and children aged 5-11 at the same affordable price. Use the links below to find the best deal on 30 Second Smile™.
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