$50 Gold Coin - With the US American Eagle and the Statue of Liberty on this $50 Gold Coin.

Now you can avail of a piece of all-American history. Get yourself a private minting of the 1877, fifty dollar ($50) Half Union Gold coin. This is something amazing to possess. Now you will have something that will be reminiscent of the immediate post civil war era. When you hold this Half Union Gold coin you can remember when the country post 1876 elections. On one side there is the profile of the Statue of Liberty. On the other, the American eagle. The stunning $50 Gold Coin is the largest that was ever struck by the U.S. Government. It weighed over 2.5 oz and was made of 0.900 pure gold.  It is so rare that only two had ever been struck. Now they’re in the Smithsonian Institution collection as two of the most valuable coins in the world. Few have ever experienced up close their dazzling design or massive size, first-hand. Now it is possible. You can reserve your own non-monetary copy of the rare and authentic 1877 Half Union $50 Gold coin, which is 24 KT pure gold clad. As seen on www.fiftydollargold.com, Each 1877 Half Union $50 Proof comes with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  Demand for this precious item has been so much in demand by coin collectors and history lovers that there is now a limit of only 5 gold coins per order. Use the links below to find the best offer on $50 Gold Coin
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