Blendy Pens - Kids Can Mix and Blend Colors for Attractive Pictures. As Seen on TV on Nickelodeon. Get Blendy Blasta as a FREE Bonus!

Want a new toy that'll really spur your child's creativity? Get Blendy Pens®, the only marker set that lets you blend nature's hues to color truly stunning, eye-catching pictures. With Blendy Pens, kids can mix 'n match different colors in the color fusion chambers. With a twist, their markers will color both colors - and everything in between! With Blendy Pens and the Blendy Blasta, kids can mimic nature's natural beauty in their own pictures. And with 276 fusion combinations, there are thousands of blending possibilities with BlendyPens! How many markers would you need to match those color combinations? And Blendy Pens with the BlendyBlasta does all this in one convenient and fun kit. With a quick twist, kids can color yellow to green - and everything in between. As seen on, all of the splendid colors of sunsets, oceans and city skylines are possible with a quick and simple twist. Even black won't smear together with BlendyPens, so your kids can color beautiful pictures the whole family will be proud of every time. These are the same Blendy Pens/Blendy Blasta kit you've seen on the TV commercial on Nickelodeon. Buy Blendy Pens now and you'll get 12 Scented Blendy Pens, 12 Magic BlendyPens, 6 Neon Blendy Pens, 30 Stencils, and 50 Art Posters to color -- each with a hidden surprise. Plus as a FREE Bonus you will receive a Blendy Blasta Airbrush! Give your kids the powerful creativity of nature's beauty. Use the links below to find the best offer of Blendy Pens®
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