DRX900 Spinal Decompression Therapy - Relieve Back Pain with this Advanced Non-Surgical Equipment DRX 9000 Machine from Axiom

Do you suffer from severe back pain caused by herniated, degenerative, and bulging discs that limits your normal daily activity and threatens your quality of life? Now the revolutionary DRX9000™ Spinal Decompression Therapy machine is set to change all that by alleviating your back pain – without surgery. Manufactured by Axiom, a company that specializes in non-surgical medical equipment, the DRX9000 relieves the pressure between discs and allows them to undergo a natural healing process in a comfortable and relaxing environment – in fact, most patients fall asleep during spinal decompression therapy. Clinical trials have proven that the advanced DXR9000 spinal decompression therapy is much better than simple traction, which pulls your spine into an unnatural straight line. Rather, the DRX 9000 table is adjustable to combat back pain and disc damage only in targeted locations, so it fixes the problem and leaves the rest of your spine alone. “A disc is a cushion between two bones and the spine and allows us to flex, extend, and rotate. When the jelly in the middle of the disc squirts out and hits a nerve, this will cause pain,” reports Pain Management Specialist and National Spine Centers founder Dr. Luis Crespo, M.D. “With the DRX9000, through a series of gentle pulls we are able to pull the bones apart, allowing the disc to regenerate itself and also allow the jelly that has squirted out to go back in place.” Dr. Crespo says the DRX 9000 boasts a success rate of well over 80% without surgery and has even prevented scheduled surgeries from ever taking place. If you suffer from terrible back pain and want to experience real, all-natural and proven relief, you need the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Therapy.
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