Garden Claw - Affordable Cultivator and Tiller Tool Tears Through Tough Soil with Ease. Lifetime Guarantee.

America's favorite garden tool is back in an adjustable gold edition. Garden Claw™ Gold is the next generation from the most efficient cultivator on the market - gardeners love it. The Garden Claw is a cultivator, tiller, soil loosener, aerator and weeder all in one with its heavy duty tines backed by Garden-Weasel's expert manufacturing. These tines tear through any soil, even tough and compacted clay, to get water and oxygen deep to your garden plants' roots for a lush, healthy garden you and your family will enjoy year-round. The new Garden Claw Gold will even fit any garden since its tines are adjustable. Unlike other garden tools, you don't have to strain your neck, back and knees to use the GardenClaw. In fact, you stay on your feet with Garden Claw's innovative stand-up design. To use it, simply place, push, twist, and repeat - the ingenious Garden Klaw tine design does the work for you. Great for gardening, you can also use the Garden Claw to quickly turn fallen leaves and weeds into mulch for your garden - enhancing the health of your beautiful garden plants that you'll notice at the dinner table. Easy to use and affordable, it's no wonder the Garden Claw has become the favorite tool of American gardeners. Use the links below to find the best offer on Garden Claw™
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