Awesome Auger - Attach this Tool to Any Drill to Make Digging Around Your Yard and Garden Quick and Easy. Get FREE Bonuses from the Billy Mays TV Offer.

Want a beautiful yard without all the hassle? Say hello to the Awesome Auger™, a revolutionary outdoor tool that takes the hard work out of yard work! The Awesome Auger eliminates painful blisters, backaches, stiff necks, sore muscles and other yard work ailments – and gets your work done in half the time. Simply attach it to any power drill, pull the trigger and the Awesome Auger’s patented razor-sharp, commercial duty steel blades go to work shredding through soil, roots, rocks and clay. Easily plant and grow trees, flowers and shrubs without breaking your back! Quickly plant your entire garden or give your lawn a professional landscaped look! As seen on TV demonstrated on the commercial/infomercial by Billy Mays, the Awesome Augar digger is the world’s most efficient and powerful yard tool. So does Awesome Auger really work? Billy Mays says of the AwesomeAuger: “It’s great for preparing soil for all kinds of planting. Use it to till your garden, and it’s perfect for aerating compost piles. It takes all the work out of removing postholes, removing dead tress, bushes and stumps.” You’ll also get the Ground Aug, the quickest way to plant bulbs you’ve ever seen! Awsome Aguer is perfect for raised flower pots, window boxes and large potted plants. Also available is the handy Weed Aug – it makes removing weeds and dandelions a snap. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about tangles again – just reverse the drill and Weed Aug sheds weeds right into your trash can. Best of all, you may also get the Awesome Aug extension – a heavy-duty steel extender accessory that lets you do all these things standing up. Use the links below to find the best deal on Awesome Auger™
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