Hair Club - For Men and For Women. Treatment Works for Restoration of Hair, Even for Those With Long Time Hair Loss or Baldness.

Are you embarrassed about your hair loss? Do you wish there was a hair restoration treatment that would bring back your natural, long flowing hair? You need a hair and scalp analysis from the Hair Club®, the only hair loss treatment program designed for both men and women that doesn't take a cookie-cutter approach to hair restoration. Hair loss is caused by DHT build-up around your hair follicles, below the skin's surface. Over time, this DHT works to corrode your individual hair follicles until they shut down, leaving bald spots on what was once a full head of hair. Many men have dealt with the embarrassment of male pattern baldness, and women have to deal with all-over hair loss or splotchy bald patches that threaten their confidence and livelihood. Unfortunately, many hair loss treatments throw a one-size-fits-all solution out there that doesn't work for everyone. But with over 85 hair restoration centers nationwide, Hair Club understands that the cause of DHT build-up is different for everyone - it could be genetics, nutrition, or even stress. As seen on, what's why HairClub utilizes a microscopic hair and scalp analyses to scientifically identify the cause of your hair loss so they can prepare a Bio Matrix, strand-by-strand solution that's right for you so you can get a full head of hair back and look and feel great every day. "The most important thing for me was my front hair line," says Andre Ptak of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Andre went from bald to beautiful with Hair Club's revolutionary treatment. "It's outstanding, it's perfect, and no one can tell at all." Thousands of reviews resemble Andre's because Hair Club works - for men and for women. Since 1976, HairClub's hair loss experts have been hard at work perfecting hair loss restoration techniques, so you know you can trust Hair Club to deliver real results. Stop the embarrassment and get your hair back - with Hair Club. Use the links below to find the best offer on Hair Club®.
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