Ionic White - Review this Light-Activated Teeth Whitener System and Get Tooth Whitening Rinse as a FREE Bonus

If you could have whiter, more glamorous, sexier teeth in just 21 minutes, would you do it? Of course you would! And that's exactly what you get with Ionic White™, the professional-grade tooth whitener you use in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Coffee, tea, soda, wine, smoking, and aging can all make your teeth a disgusting yellow or brown color. Unfortunately, most whitening systems force you to keep gels and uncomfortable strips in your mouth for hours, night after night. What's worse, those home remedies rarely come up to your gum lines so you're left with unsightly stain lines on a number of your teeth. Even worse, dentists will charge you thousands to professionally whiten your teeth. Do it yourself with IonicWhite. The Ionic White light activated whitening system works by filling top and bottom trays with the professional-grade Ionic White gel, then gently biting them for just 2 minutes. The 2-minute timer sounds and you simply push a button to shine a UV light that activates the gel to whiten your teeth fast - in just 21 minutes! The gel covers all of your teeth - on both sides and up to the gum line - for a full whitening effect and so you can smile broadly, boldly, and beautifully. If you order right now, you'll also get the amazing Stay-White Spray for quick applications before special events and to stay white month after month - between IonicWhite treatments. Get the beautiful, sexy smile of your youth - harness the power of light with Ionic White. Does IonicWhite really work? Find out for yourself: Use the links below to find the best offer on Ionic White™
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