Jupiter Jack - Stay Safe and Legal with this Mobile Cell Phone Car Adapter from Billy Mays of Pitchmen.

Stop risking your license and your life and get Jupiter Jack™, the mobile cell phone adapter that gives you the power and convenience of hands-free talk in any car on the road. Talking on your cell phone while driving is illegal in many areas and can even be fatal when your attention is diverted from the road. With Jupiter Jack, you can avoid costly citations and stay safe from danger on-the-go. JupiterJack is super-easy to use, too: Simply plug Jupiter Jack into any mobile cell phone and mount it on your car's dashboard, then tune your radio to 88.7 FM and Jupiter Jack transmits clear, crystal quality sound over your car speakers! Does Jupiter Jack work? Yes! Just ask legendary Pitchmen star Billy Mays, whose Jupiter Jack review says it all: "In my car, the Jupiter Jack is the only system I use because I can safely talk and drive at the same time." Complicated Bluetooth systems cost $100 or more, but JupiterJack is sold for a mere fraction of that price. Best of all, you can talk on your cell phone hands-free without needing to fumble with any wires or plugs. It's the most convenient way to stay safe, not sorry, as you drive to work, school, the club, or anywhere else you go. Don't risk losing your license - or your life - when you can talk hands-free on any cell phone, in any car, anywhere. Buy your own Jupiter Jack today. Use the links below to find the best deal on Jupiter Jack™.
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