MushABelly - Fun Loving Games That Includes Adorable Looking Stuffed Animals.

If your kid is going to have a birthday soon and you don't know what to give then, why not try a superb looking toy called MushAbellies. I'm sure that your kid and and friends will be so happily entrenched with it. This will surely make their minds go wild. It will give them a lot of fun for a number of hours because it is an interactive toy. MushABelly™ is truly an augmented reality game. You can get started with this exceptional game by having your cards and passport. Afterwards place these fantastic cards on the table. Now aim your device and start playing the game. You now can start start scoring your points. MushABellies are soft and fun loving toys that have a sttrange funny noice when kids mush their bellies. They come with spectacular applications that are well supported by ipads, smartphones, tablets or iphones. It has as a revolutionary technology called Augmented Reality which greatly suits the ipad generation. The 3 AR cards explodes to life when it is seen through the application which the toy provides. Your kids and their friends will have the ultimate time of their lives because the interactive set ups will let them jump from one marker to another. Included are adorable stuffed animals like the Finless Frog, Buzzie Bee, Heckle Hedgehog, Racket Racoon and the Conan Cow. Use the links below to find the best deal on MushABelly™.
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