Trivita Sublingual B12 - Supplements Work to Boost Energy with B-12 Vitamins. As Seen on TV with Betty and James Robison.

Are the days leaving you worn and ragged? Are you fatigued, irritable, or even depressed? You might be suffering from a B-12 deficiency. Get a boost with TriVita™ Sublingual B12, the only B12 supplements that deliver as powerful a punch as a B12 shot - without the pain and expense. Everyone knows that B12 is supposed to equal energy, but they wonder where that energy is when they're popping B12 vitamins day after day. No matter what they do, they still feel stressed and depressed. That's because when you take ordinary pills, only 2% of the vitamins actually absorb into your body. TriVita Sublingual B12's patented formula actually allows it to dissolve in your mouth under your tongue for 98% absorption, so you benefit just as much as you would if you paid for a B12 shot! These best-selling energy-boosting nutritional supplements are a combination of B12, B6 and Folic Acid - the trifecta of energy in the human body. Opinions and testimonials are one thing, and you're asking: is Trivita Sublingual B12 a scam or does it really work? "Yes," says Dr. Scott E. Conrad, M.D. "If you have two hours we can start going through the literature. We've found that the B12 works with the other B vitamins as a team to help you feel better, operate better, and to be able to use the things you eat as energy. B12 is the catalyst." This is the same Trivita Sublingual B-12 seen on the TV commercial/infomercial with James Robison and his wife Betty Robison, hosts of Life Today. Start living your life by feeling and looking better in just a few days with TriVita Sublingual B12's medically-proven formula.
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