Zorbeez - Review this Special Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Offer on these Absorbent Cleaning and Dusting Cloths. From Billy Mays

Soak up the mess before it soaks in to your carpet and furniture with Zorbeez™, the revolutionary re-usable spill solution that saves you time and money every time you use it. Zorbeez cloths are manufactured with breakthrough X27 fiber tech, a super-absorbent material that vacuums and holds over 20 ounces of coffee, soda, red wine, milk, or anything else that spills on your floors, furniture, and countertops - without dripping! Forget about sloppy, wet rags and expensive paper towels that drip all over the floor and - even worse - tear and leave shreds all over your carpets and furniture. Zorbeez will not shred or drip, and they're even odor free and machine washable so you can use them again and again. Zorbease is so absorbent, you can even use them to dry your dog or car. Perfect for cleaning all types of liquid messes in one quick swipe, Zorbeez is also great for streak-free window washing. Is Zorbeez a scam or does Zorbeez really work? Just listen to this review of Zorbeez from television personality Billy Mays: "It's the most absorbent material I've ever used. Zorbeez attracts spills like a magnetů it pulls the spill right out of the carpet just that quick." The average family goes through two rolls of paper towel a week, costing over $100 a year. Save every penny of that with Zorbeez! Order Zorbeez and you'll get two jumbo Zorbeez and three kitchen size Zorbeez. Order today and you'll also get the Zorbez Micromen duster - absolutely free! The Micromen duster is perfect for dusting plants, shelves, TVs, computer screens, blinds and more. And now you can double your order - that's 10 Zorbeez and the Micromen duster for one low price. Use the links below to find the best offer on Zorbeez™.
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