Swivel Sweeper - Review this Cordless Sweeper that Rotates 360 Degrees.

The cordless Swivel Sweeper™ can replace your broom, vacuum, swiffer, mop, dustpan and brush. Youíve seen this sweeping product demonstrated on the TV commercial with Anthony Sullivan from the UK. Review all the amazing features that are part of what the SwivelSweeper from OnTel has to offer: Swivel Sweeper is cordless and comes with a Snap N Go rechargeable battery and this cleaner can run up to 45 minutes on a single charge. The Swivel Sweeper swivels 360 degrees in all directions and it uses Quad Brush Technology that lets this sweeper clean forward, backward, left, and right. As seen on www.sweeperg2.com, SwivelSweeper can easily clean underneath furniture and around chair and table legs. The rotating bristles spin at 4000 rpm, creating a vacuum cleaning action that picks up small particles. Broken glass, thumbtacks, and paperclips that damage a vacuum are easily sucked up by the versatile Swivel Sweeper. The cordless Swivell Sweeper is lightweight at under 2 pounds; this is lighter than any vacuum and even many brooms. Swivel Sweeper uses sliders, not wheels, so it floats over all kinds of surfaces: carpet, hardwood floors, tile flooring. Its edge bristles easily clean steps, stairs, corners, and the edge of baseboards. Swivel Sweeper is easy to store and it can be maneuvered with just one hand. There is even a Mini-Sweeper. So does Swivel Sweeper really work? Over one million of these products have been sold in one year. And read this review from a satisfied customer: "We have carpets. We have hardwood floors. No switching. No changing something. Just go right to the next spot. I canít think of anything better than that Swivel Sweeper." So, use the links below to find the best offer on Swivel Sweeper™.
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