AeroGarden - Review the AeroGrow Kit for Growing in Your Kitchen Using Seed Pods and Hydroponic/Aeroponic Technology

Grow the most scrumptious greens ever from your own kitchen counter with the AeroGarden®. The AeroGarden is nature indoors, providing a safe and healthy alternative to messy and unpredictable outdoor growing – grow full, fresh and luscious herbs, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers and flowers with no pesticides, no work, and no worries! The secret lies in AeroGarden’s unique counter-top design – simply add water to the basin, add organic nutrients, insert patented Plug ‘N Grow seed pods and within a few short weeks you’ll have the best harvest you’ve ever seen – right from your kitchen counter! Aero Garden provides a controlled environment for optimal growing with the perfect amount of water, light, oxygen and nutrients – it’s time to aerogrow your dinner! As Seen on the TV commercial/infomercial with Rebecca Kolls of Rebecca's Garden, AreoGarden, the world's first indoor "Smart Garden," was built using NASA-tested hydroponics technology. AeroGarden founder and chairman Michael Bissonnette spent four years perfecting his aeroponic garden kit, and loves the rave reviews it’s gotten from satisfied families across the globe. Cooks love the convenient AreoGarden seed kits like the included Gourmet Herb seed kit – six months worth of fresh and hearty kitchen staples like cilantro, mint, parsley, dill and chives. Other seed kits are sold separately, including Salad Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, International Basil and even a sensational indoor strawberry patch kit. Use your AeroGarden harvest for great salads, pizza and sandwich toppings, soup and stew veggies and herbs and juicy, scrumptious strawberries! You can even grow wildflowers right in your home! Use the links below to find the best deal on AeroGarden®.
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