Dump Cakes - This Cathy Mitchell Cook Book Teaches How to Make Delicious Cakes and Recipes the Easy Way

If you love to eat desserts like cakes and the like but have not tried making one, then chances are you think that making these delicious treats is a science; difficult and time consuming to do. Cathy Mitchell shows you otherwise with her book called Dump Cakes™. This wonderful book contains easy to follow recipes and gives you quick tips on how to make a cake by just dumping your ingredients in a tray and cooking them right away. Cathy Mitchell’s basic dump cake recipe involves just putting fruits on the bottom of your baking pan, dumping your favorite cake mix on top, adding some soda, baking for a few minutes and you are done. Dump Cakes shows you how to create delicious desserts without the need for measuring, mixing and other actions that traditional baking involves. With the DumpCakes cookbook, you are guaranteed to be able to create delicious desserts in just minutes that your family and friends will wonder how you got to them even if you are not an experienced cook, and this is the perfect companion to create desserts for casual home occasions like family events, your child’s sleep over party at the house or for those impromptu gatherings with your friends. Use the links below to find the best offer on Dump Cakes™.
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