Samurai Shark - Sharpener for Any Blade - Knife, Shears, Scissors. As Seen on TV with Billy Mays.

Dull knives losing their edge around the kitchen? Don't throw them out - save money and get the Samurai Shark™ knife sharpener - your ultimate sharpening solution. The Samurai Shark sharpens quicker, faster and easier than any sharpener you need, and will even sharpen scissors, tools and virtually any cutting blade! The Samurai Shark's secret is in its specialized tungsten-carbide sharpening blades and unique sharpening angle. Simply slide any cutting blade through the Samurai Shark and you'll be cutting with ease. Even better, the Samurai Shark features a retractable blade so it tucks conveniently away for easy storage. The blade will even sharpen serrated edges - no other sharpener does that! Just listen to this review from as seen on TV personality Billy Mays: "It's as easy as one, two, three. Whether it's scissors, older knives, big or small, the Samurai Shark does them all." The Samurai Shark is even great outside the home - Outdoorsmen use them to keep their fillet knives sharp and accurate to make the perfect cut. Let's face it: Countertops, dishes, and cutting tables dull knives, forcing you to work harder or spend more money. Always have a drawer full of sharp knives with the Samurai Shark! Now you can get a second Samurai Shark - absolutely free! That's a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE deal on the Samuri Shark you can't pass up. Even better, also available is set of professional Samurai shears - one for the kitchen and one for everything else. These are the toughest, sharpest shears you'll ever own. Use the links below to find the best deal on Samurai Shark™
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