Cat Genie - Review the Official CatGenie, the Automatic, Self-Cleaning Solution to Cat Waste that Does Not Use Litter or a Litterbox.

Cat Genie™ is an automated cat box that offers a real solution to the odors, smell, and waste of your catís litterbox. Thatís because CatGenie does not use litter. Cat Genie relies on special washable granules that are much more sanitary. The self-cleaning Cat Genie then automatically removes your catís liquid waste (urine) and solid waste (feces) and flushes them down the drain. Hereís how it works:
  1. Attach the Cat Genie to a cold water intake line and to drainage, such as the one used by your washing machine, toilet, or sink. (Full, easy to follow installation instructions provided when you buy CatGenie.)
  2. Fill the Cat Genie box with the washable granules (no litter!) and insert the SaniSolutions cleaner cartridge.
  3. Your cat uses the CatGenie.
  4. Cat Genie can either automatically self-clean 60 seconds after your cat leaves the box or you can start the cleaning and sanitation process just by pressing one button
  5. The bowl rotates and the GenieHand scoops up any solid waste (feces) and deposited into a hopper where the SaniSolution liquefies the solids. (Your catís urine is will drain to the bottom of the Cat Geenie, so there is not clumping or cakes as with a litter box.)
  6. SaniSolution and water cleans the washable granules and CatGenie flushes the liquefied cat waste down the drain.
  7. A hot air dryer dries the granules so that Cat Genie is ready for your catís next ďtoilet breakĒ
As seen on, the entire Cat Genie cleaning process takes about 30 minutes. When you compare this to the work and smell of using a litter box, the self-washing, self-fleshing Cat Jenie ďtoiletĒ really is better solution. So does CatGenie really work? Review this opinion from consumer Erik: ďItís no smell. Itís no dust and itís super-sanitary.Ē Use the links below to find the best deal on Cat Genie™
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