Emery Cat - A Scratcher that Cuts Your Cat's Nails as It Plays on the Emory Board

With the Emery Cat™, cutting your cat's claws is no longer the nightmare it used to be. Now, you cat can cut its own nails even as it plays, thanks to the Emery Cat. This is a scratcher that has a sturdy, durable base with a patented, honey-comb designed emery board that makes it perfect for filing and cutting your cat's nails. And because Emory Cat is filled with catnip, your cat will be drawn to it over and over again. Cats are natural scratchers, but with EmeryCat your furniture will be as beautiful as it was when you bought it, no damage from cat nails. Clippers on the other hand expose your beloved cat to the possibility that it may cut too close to the nerve, causing extreme pain. The Emery Cat's arch design meets your cat's natural inclination to stretch and scratch, and it is durable enough for larger cats, too. Reviews note that the honeycomb pattern Emery Cat is designed to work around all the natural habits and inclinations of your cat. On the other hand, other cat products like the scratching post may take on cat scratching, but it won't file or cut your cat's nails. That's something that only the Emery Cat can do. Use the links below to find the best offer on Emery Cat™.
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