Color Splitz - Pens and Poster Make Creating Art Fun and Easy for Kids. As Seen on TV on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

Are your kids bored with coloring? That's because the wax crayon is out of style - face it, it's just so flat and bland. Get your children interested in art again with Color Splitz™, the art pens that inspire the imagination again and again. You may have seen the Color Splitz commercials on Cartoon Network - so you know this is one of the best kids creative products on the market. Here's how it works: Each ColorSplitz pen has two colors that interact for amazing 3D effects - your kids can draw and color curly hair, patterns, realistic fur and more! Your kids will be creating eye-popping artwork and fantastic designs in no time with Color Splits. The complete Color Splitz set comes with 8 Color Splitz pens. You'll also get the Color Splitz Detail Pen for adding fine lines to your kids' 3D creations; and the Magic Pen for blending their creations together. ColorSplitz even makes it a learning experience by providing 20 Color Splitz posters, 30 'How to Draw' lessons and an instructions and ideas guide for kids. Best of all, the ColorSplits package includes 6 Blendy Pens, which blends two colors together for a veritable color fusion. Your kids will never get bored coloring again. Use the links below to find the best deal on Color Splitz™
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