Pixos - Super Studio Color Dots and Online Designs Give Your Kids Fun and Creativity.

Forget coloring books and messy, uninspired clay - give your kids the gift of creativity with Pixos™, the amazing craft kit that opens doors to a revolutionary new way to create and play. Pixos is fun and easy - your super studio lets you quickly create magical designs by simply using the Pixos Pen to fill the Pixos tray with colorful dots in any combination - then, you just spray with water and the dots bind for a perfectly permanent hold! Make any animal, creative cars, pretty patterns and anything else with Pixos. You can even make sensational 3-D projects - all you have to do is spray and they stay. You've seen it on TV and online at www.buypixos.com, and there's no replacement or substitute - the Pixos super studio is your child's gateway to creative fun that stays. Unlike other craft kits, there's no messy and boring tasks or dangerous ironing - your kids can do it all by themselves because it's safe and easy. The complete Pixos super studio comes with your super station with built-in drying fan, the Pixos Pen, the Pixos sprayer, 2 design trays, a lifter, 8 designs, 2 display stands, fun shapes, 700 rainbow Pixos color dots and an extra bonus Pixos Pen so a friend can play, too. You'll also get exclusive access to Pixos online, where you can create your own custom designs to make with your Pixos super studio. It's safe, it's fast, it's easy, and most importantly, it's fun and creative. It's Pixos! Use the links below to find the best deal on Pixos™.
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