CoverMate - Food Covers That Work With Any Size And Shape Of Bowl Or Plate

Too often food containers become useless because the lid is lost, or the bowl has a hole. But with CoverMate®, the food covers will keep food fresh. CoverMate is easy to use and reuse, and great for all occasions. It fits in perfectly with your lifestyle. No loss, breakage or mess to worry about. Just use what you have and then cover it with Cover Mate. It is easy great for all occasions. You may be having a barbecue party, a group of friends over for dinner, or a children’s party. CoverMate will have your food ready to eat at the perfect time. CoverMate is made with a built-in FlexBand that stretches to perfectly fit and seal the food. It’s easy to uncover and recover, and your food is kept fresh and tasty. After the party is done, the leftovers are preserved with CoverMate and are microwavable for splatter-free reheating. Entertaining guests has never been easier with CoverMate. A sample pack of CoverMate includes four reusable covers: A small cover that fits two inches to five inches, and is perfect for open cans of food, soft drinks and even pet food; a medium four inch to nine inch cover for plates, bowls and food containers; a large nine inch to 14 inch cover for dinner plates, serving bowls and casserole dishes; and an extra large size reusable cover that fits 14 inch to 19 inch serving trays and platters. Use the links below to find the best offer on CoverMate®.
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