Cozy - A Way To Feel Fully Relaxed From Head To Toe Wherever You Go

With the Cozy™, your can feel entirely relaxed from head to toe. This product is great for power naps and is an excellent tote for when you travel. With the Cozy, you will feel so rested that you can sleep wherever you are—on your couch, or in your favorite chair. Even if you don’t want to sleep, with the Cozy you will feel fully relaxed while you watch your favorite television program. The Cozy is made of the highest quality material to keep you comfortable and warm. What’s more, each Cozy is carefully handcrafted from thick, high-quality fleece for a luxuriously soft feel. It is so convenient and fully adjustable, too--so that one size will fit everyone in your family. It is also machine washable. The Cozy can keep you cozy anywhere—in your car, or for a quick nap at the end of the day in the office just before going home. Even in a plane, the Cozy is cozy. Talk about high quality comfort and ease. The entire Cozy Premium Comfort System includes a neck pillow, arm hammock with an iPocket to listen to relaxing tunes, an ultra soft large fleece blanket, plus a collapsible travel case. With all this, you feel simply cozy. Use the links below to find the best offer on Cozy™.
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