Silver Sonic XL - Bell and Howell Personal Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Looks like a Phone Ear Piece. Deluxe Rechargeable Model Available.

Boost your hearing with the Silver Sonic XL™, the personal sound amplifier that looks like a cell phone ear piece. The Sliver Sonic XL from Bell + Howell® picks up sounds from up to 90 feet away and amplifies sounds up to 50 decibels. The mini SliverSonic XL hearing aid is ergonomically designed and lightweight. The Sliver Sonic XL sound amplifier has a flexible ear mount that easily adjusts to fit all ear shapes and sizes. And the Bell and Howell SliverSonicXL hearing aid has a molded ear tip that easily fits inside your ear. With "sonic hearing" you will be able to hear all kinds of sounds and noises that others can't: Listen to conversations across the room; Sit in the balcony and hear a performance; Keep and ear out for your kids in the park; Hear the doorbell ringing when you are working in the back yard. The Bell + Howell Silver Sonic XL has a high/low switch that varies the sound intensity and a amplifier control that lets you set the volume to the level you want. There is even a Deluxe Sliver Sonic XL model that is fully-rechargeable and comes with its own charger, so you never have to buy batteries for this personal hearing aid. Does the Silver Sonic XL really work? Use the links below to find the best offer on Silver Sonic XL™.
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