Flat Fold Colander - Amazing Collapsible Folding Plastic Colander is Easy to Use in the Kitchen. As Seen On TV with Cathy Mitchell

Every now and again a new idea is applied to an old product that revolutionizes the way it's used. Introducing the Flat Fold Colander™, reviewed by renowned kitchen guru Cathy Mitchell as the world's number one folding colander. The amazing Flat Fold Colander is large enough to handle big, steaming pots of spaghetti but folds so small it'll fit in the average kitchen drawer like magic! The collapsible FlatFold Colander is one of the best time-saving and value-added kitchen products available - it includes heavy-duty handles so you can carry your strained pastas, meats and vegetables to your kitchen workspace and even stands up on its own. Better still, the Flat Fold Collander features an elevated bottom so your fresh food stays away from dirty, bacteria-infested sinks. Made of durable plastic, the Flat Fold Colander is so easy to use you can go straight from garden to sink without dropping a thing and includes a handy spout to make pouring hot foods safe and quick. Best of all, if you order the Flat Fold Collander you'll get two Flat Fold Colanders for the price of one! You'll also receive a six-piece Flat Fold Storage Container Set - a $15 value - absolutely FREE! These handy containers maximize your kitchen space by folding to one inch flat - absolutely amazing! That's a combined value of $45 - yours for one easy payment of just $14.99. Use the links below to find the best offer on Flat Fold Colander™
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