Floam - Kids Toy As Seen on TV on Nickelodeon. FREE Modeling Guide Reveals Recipes for How to Make Fun Models in All Kinds of Colors.

Want to know how to make your kids' toys even more fun? The answer is simple: Floam™. Floam, as seen on tv and on the hot kids network Nickelodeon, is the ultimate in creative fun for kids of all ages - shape it, squeeze it, make masks, balls, and action figures. When you're done, simply squish Flaom back together. Want to keep it forever? Let it dry and your children's expressive and fun artwork will keep for years. Floam foam is also great for adding to old toys - dress up that dollhouse with new colors and additions, or make those boorish model cars into top-notch dragsters! With Floan you can even make jewelry or soup up big kids toys like bikes, skateboards and scooters. Floam is not messy or hard to start like clay - it uses easy-to-work microbeads to form to any shape or size. The recipes are endless - with Floam you can mix and match colors for beautiful kid creations. Order today and you'll get a 4-tub kit of Floam - blue, pink, yellow, and green. And along with your Floam, you can also get a double-sized tub of red Floam and a Modeling Guide! This is the Official Floam seen on the TV commercial on the Nickelodeon network. Get the fun you can feel. Use the links below to find the best deal on Floam™
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