FoodSaver - Food Saver Vac by Tilia is the Vacuum Sealer System with Canisters, Bags, and Professional Power

The average family wastes $600 each year in food they have to throw out because it has gone bad; that's Cash in the Trash! The FoodSaver® Advanced Design Home Packaging System from Tilia (Jarden) preserves food for you and saves you money. Air is the enemy of freshness; the Food Saver vacuum sealer removes air, removes moisture, and seals in freshness. The FoodSaver vac preserves your food up to 5x longer than other storage methods such as conventional plastic bags. The vacuum sealer has an easy “one touch” button to quickly seal food, easier than zipping a bag. Use a special FoodSaver canister to preserve dry items like cereal and chips. Food Saver comes with canisters, built-in roll holder and cutter for any size job, and pre-cut storage bags. You've seen the Food Saver at work on the TV commercial/infomercial hosted by Anthony Sullivan and on Compare the Tillia FoodSaver product to professional models from Ultrex, Rival, and Deni. Comes in models V2440, V2860, V2860, Professional II, Professional II, Pro Sport, Premier, and Handheld. Does FoodSaver really work? Read these reviews: Customer Terry Grizen has this review of the Tilia FoodSaver, "The amount of money that it cost was nothing compared to the amount of savings in the food and not throwing it away." And Rosalind Monteros had this review of the Tillia Food Saver vac, "Now when I use the FoodSaver system it\'s an amazing difference at how the color, and the freshness, and the texture of something is so much better." Use the links below to find the best offer on Food Saver®
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