H2O Mop Ultra - This Steam Cleaner Use the Power of Water to Clean Your Floor, Carpet, and More. From Thane.

Tired of the sticky grime and blurry film that always seems to cover your floors? Clean your floors and refresh your entire home with the Thane H2O Mop Ultra™, the revolutionary new steam cleaner that will give you a sleeker shine, every time. Floors attract most of the dirt in our homes. Let's review: They're constantly worn by traffic, spoiled food, and spills. And we don't even want to think about the stuff our pets and kids drag in from outside. The problem with traditional mops is that you're constantly dipping a dirty mop head back into cold, dirty water - all you end up doing is spreading the dirt around and your floors never get clean. Spray mops are even worse - you have to buy expensive pads and they leave filthy chemicals on your floors. The Thane H20 Mop changes all that with its built-in compression chamber - the chamber delivers 1500 watts of hot steam for a deep, penetrating clean that lifts dirt from your floors forever. As seen on www.h2omopultra.com, The H2O Mop Ultra is the ultimate floor cleaner because it delivers continuous steam action to your floor while you gently scrub with the washable microfiber pad. It's so fast it actually dries as you scrub so you save time without streaking! The H2O Mop Ultra is perfect for linoleum, laminate, marble, vinyl, slate, ceramic, and grout - and is even safe for hardwood floors. Best of all, you can use the H2O Mop on your carpet so you'll never have to rent a carpet cleaner again. Thane has been an industry leader for decades, and the H2O Mop is no exception. The sturdy H2O Mop Ultra is built to last but also highly maneuverable and lightweight for the ultimate in portability. The low-profile arrow swivel head makes it quick and easy to clean around furniture, baseboards, tight corners and even stairs. Just one quick use of the H20 Mop and you'll be so impressed with the Thane H2O Mop that it'll be the last mop you'll ever have to buy. You've seen the positive opinions and reviews of the H2OMop on the TV commercial/infomercial. Get clean floors and a refreshed, pristine home. Use the links below to find the best deal on the H2O Mop Ultra™.
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