H2O Vac - Review this Vacuum the Uses the Power of Water to Trap 99.97% of Dirt! As Seen on the Thane TV Infomercial.

What's the key ingredient to keeping your body clean? That's right - water. So why would you clean your home with anything else? The revolutionary Thane H2O Vac™ replaces the traditional inefficient vacuum cleaner by using the natural dirt-trapping properties of water to rid your entire home of dirt. Water is nature's cleanser and the H2O Vac quickly and efficiently uses it to trap up to 99.97% of dirt and harmful pollutants from your carpets, furniture, and even the air you breathe! Simply fill the basin with tap water, flip it on and the powerful H2O Vac suction pulls dirt particles through the water, where they're permanently trapped. Exhaust air is fresh and clean - the perfect solution for allergy sufferers! Stop wasting time with filthy vacuum bags and filters that do little more than spread dirty air throughout your house. The H2O Vac uses water as a filter so it will never clog - and you'll never lose suction. It's the most powerful vacuum you'll ever use. Users report that the lightweight and portable H2O Vac is easy to take up and down stairs for quick cleaning throughout the entire home. When finished, simply dump the dirty water and you're done - no mess and no dust! You can even turn down the suction with a handy dial to tackle drapes, lampshades and other delicate areas. And the easy-to-use telescoping handle makes getting to ceiling fans, under cabinets and other hard-to-reach places a snap. You might have seen the TV infomercial with Beau Rials, you might have heard a review or two, but you'll never know how easy it is to clean your entire home until you try the H2O Vac for yourself. Use the links below to find the best deal on the H2O Vac™
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