Heat Surge - Amish Miracle Heaters Provide a Fireless Flame Fireplace in Beautiful Custom-Built Handcrafted Oak.

Bring style and savings to your home this winter with Heat Surge, the elegant fireplace handcrafted by the amish and delivered fully-assembled to heat your home with revolutionary fireless flame technology – it costs as little to operate as a coffee pot. Touted as miracle heaters, the Heat Surge® reviews agree that these fireplaces are the new way to stay warm and cozy in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, family room, and even your garage, office, or workshop. The fireless flame technology and high tech heat turbine envelope your body with toasty warmth and cast a heartwarming, romantic glow without the use of dangerous fire. In fact, Heat Surge emits no fumes or flames, and requires no venting, chimney, or installation – just plug it in to any electrical outlet. “What we build in our local shops, each is built by hand by the amish,” says master amish craftsman Aaron Garber. “We take pride and satisfaction in producing a quality product that will last a customer a lifetime.” Each custom-built, handcrafted HeatSurge is available in oak, white, cherry, or black finishing to match your décor, plus you can move the Heat Surge room to room effortlessly with built-in rollers for portability. And because Heat Surge is made-to-order, it will fit anywhere – even apartments and condos. Best of all, Heat Surge comes with a convenient remote control so you can just point and click to control your comfort level. Try Heat Surge amish fireplace today and you'll get a remarkable, quality miracle heater with fireless technology for free. As seen on www.getheatsurge.com, www.amishfireplaces.com and www.buyheatsurge.com, you can optionally order a matching hearth and hanging mirror, or decorative corner unit with beautiful book cases on each end. No matter how you want your elegant centerpiece to look, it's made just for you. So stop paying extraordinary heating bills and stay warm for the price of running an electric coffee pot. Turn your home into an elegant showpiece with the masterful amish craftmanship revealed in every Heat Surge. Use the links below to find the best offer of Heat Surge®.
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