Potty Patch - Review by Award Dog Trainer Review says PottyPatch is the Perfect Indoor Potty Training Product

Satisfied dog owners report that the Potty Patch ™ has revolutionized how they share their homes with their pets. The Potty Patch is a mat of scented, faux indoor grass that both looks and feels like natural grass, and dogs are naturally attracted to it when they need to urinate or defecate. This natural feeling mat is also extremely easy to use. It's absorbency is such that it can hold up to an entire quart of liquid. The liquid then drains to a tray underneath, which allows the Potty Patch to completely dry and be ready for the next use. Even owners of large dogs will be able to purchase a Potty Patch for their dog. The Potty Patch is easy to use with new puppies, and will also work well with adult dogs that have been potty trained previously. Kristen Jones, Award Winning Dog Training, tested out the Potty Patch and feels that it is the best training aid available on the market today. Kristen states, 'I have seen it work the very first use.' Other customers love the potty patch because in bad weather it eliminates the need to take your dog out into the cold or wet weather conditions. The Potty Patch is also an ideal solution for working dog owners whose work hours require that their pets are left alone for long periods of time. With the Potty Patch, if you are not able to return to the house before your pet has to urinate or defecate, you will find that the Potty Patch was used rather than your fine carpets. Being able to trust that your carpets and furniture will not be damaged makes for a happier and healthier home for you and your beloved dog. Try Potty Patch™ for Yourself and Get a FREE Upgrade!
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