ShamWow - Review the Product that is More Absorbent than Any Shammy, Towel, Cloth, or Rag with this Special TV Offer - Sham Wow

The next time you have a messy, runny, spilled mess all over your floor, don't just clean it - ShamWow® it! Unlike all those shammy, rag, and towel gimmicks out there, ShamWow is a revolutionary product that's so super-absorbent, it can hold 20 times its own weight in liquid. Whether you have to battle coffee stains on that satiny-white carpet, race to soak up spilled milk or juice on your good hardwood floor, catch tipped soda before it runs off the counter onto the drawer fronts, content with pet messes or even clean up dirt and grime in the garage, ShamWow will cut your clean-up time in half! Simply toss Sham Wow on your spills, push it down, lift and squeeze over the drain - all the mess is trapped in ShamWow's revolutionary material and gone from your clean house in no time. Made in Germany, ShamWow is machine-washable so you can use it over and over again. And, you'll get a set of ShamWow towels for about what you'd spend on a month on paper towels - and they'll last years longer! You don't need to read a review like this to tell you how valuable that is. You've seen the Sham Wow demo with Vince on the TV commercial/infomercial. Order today and you'll get a set of 4 ShamWows - one for every corner of your home! But, order right this second, and you'll get a second set absolutely free. That's 8 ShamWows for the price of four. Try ShamWow® for Yourself for Only $19.99 with 10 Year Warranty and Get a ShamWow Mop as a FREE Bonus!
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Try ShamWow® for Yourself for Only $19.99 with 10 Year Warranty and Get a ShamWow Mop as a FREE Bonus!
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