SideShow Skillet - The Skillet That Removes All the Mess. From Cathy Mitchell

Cathy Mitchell has created the superb Side Show Skillet® which is a pan that is guaranteed to remove out all the clutter out from your cooking meals. It's distinct sideshow compartment located at the end of the Sideshow Skillet permits you to cook two things at the same time without all the flavors getting mixed up. All you have to do is simply to tilt and drain in order to take out the excess grease and fat. The Sideshow Skillet according to Cathy Mitchell has a non - stick coating which makes cleaning and it's so easy. You can cook sunny side up eggs or a delicious French omelet . All you have to do is saute some veggies and slide them off to the side of the pan. Add the eggs and top it up with cheese. When everything is done with, add on the sauteed vegetables, wrap it up and then serve. It's so easy to do so with the Sideshow Skillet . This is a practical cooking utensil to have around your kitchen. Cooking the perfect egg is not difficult to do so when using this pan. This can be done by just adding a teaspoon of water. It can cook your bacon flat and it minimizes the splutter. Tilt the pan to the side and the grease will automatically slide on to the side well. Use the links below to find the best deal on Side Show Skillet®.
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