Sonic Earz - Review this Personal Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Ears Head Set from Bell & Howell

If you've ever missed the meaning of a conversation, misunderstood a loved one, or bothered everyone around you because you play the TV so loud, then you know how frustrating it can be to suffer from hearing loss. Now, you can hear what you've been missing with the Bell and Howell Sonic Earz™ personal sound amplifier system. Developed by Bell and Howell, the leader in electronics since 1907, SonicEarz gives you sonic hearing - it not only improves your hearing, it lets you hear things others can't! Imagine fully enjoying the theater from the balcony instead of the front row, hearing a whisper from across the room and even having peace of mind that your children are OK because you can hear them from the next room. With Sonic Ears, you can hear sounds up to 30 yards away! Sonic Earz is not a hearing aid. Instead, it's a personal sound amplifier that actually amplifies sounds up to 50 decibels - hear a pin drop or simply watch TV without blasting everyone else out of the room. SonicEars is small as a page, too, and clips right to your belt. Best of all, nobody will know you're wearing Sonic Earz because the head set slips comfortably into your ears and looks like a personal stereo. Review after review raves about Sonic Earz uncanny ability to cleanly pick up and amplifie sounds that you haven't heard for years - and that many others don't hear at all. You even can adjust the volume to your environment so you hear what you want without being distracted by things you don't want to hear. Hear what you've been missing all this time with Sonic Earz today! Use the links below to find the best deal on Sonic Earz™
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