Ab Rocket - Review this Exercise Machine for Great Abs Faster than Ever. AbRocket Exerciser As Seen on TV

Get the abs of Adonis without the neck and back strain with Ab Rocket™, the easiest way to target your abs for a fuller, fat-blasting and stomach-sculpting workout in just five minutes a day. As seen on TV, Ab Rocket isn't just another exercise machine. The video shows how easy it is to use - this exerciser isn't big and bulky like other equipment. Instead, Ab Rocket was engineered using state-of-the art physiology design to match its movement to the natural flex of the human body. That means you can get sexy abs quicker and easier than ever before. Ab Rocket targets your abs with innovative cylinders that resist your movement on the way back, but actually give you a spring on the way up to reduce workout-damaging jerkiness. Just lift and rock! Even better, as seen on www.tryabrocket.com, the cylinders are adjustable to your routine and fitness level so everyone from the beginner to the seasoned athlete can use the Ab Rocket fat blasting system. Better still, Ab Rocket fully supports your back and neck to keep your spine straight and in-shape. No more pain! The adjustable head rest fits to your stature while rolling cushions actually massage your back while you work out so you feel loose, comfortable and in-charge after every quick Ab Rocket workout. Quickly and easily do crunches, reverse crunches, side crunches and even Pilates with the same results in only a fraction of the time. In fact, University reviews found that the Ab Rocket increases abdominal activity by 107%, while decreasing neck activity by 59%. The results are in - the Ab Rocket works. You've seen the AbRocket on the TV commercial/infomercial with Adrienne Janic, Ty "Tinker" Keck, Catherine Garceau, and Matt Heagy. Look sexier and stronger in only five pain-free minutes a day. Use the links below to find the best deal on the Ab Rocket™.
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