Air Climber - Review the AirClimber Stair Stepper Fitness System from Brenda Dygraf As Seen on TV.

Get the body you've always wanted fast with the three-in-one AirClimber™ from Brenda Dygraf - and burn up to 950 calories an hour. The Brenda Dygraf Air Climber is a revolutionary take on the traditional stair stepper that sheds fat with cardio, tones muscles with resistance and sculpts sexy abs with a quick 20-minute workout. Get off the boring floor and cumbersome exercise machines with Air Climber from Brenda Dygraf, the fun way to work out, feel great and look sexier every day. The Air Climber's secret is in its revolutionary Air Power Technology system that gives you natural resistance for a fun, heart-pumping exercise for body fitness. Users burn 500 calories per hour on average and some have even reported 950-an-hour calorie burns. Now that's fast fitness and even faster weight loss. As seen on TV and with fitness guru and creator Brenda Dygraf, the AirClimber is the biggest breakthrough in exercise technology this decade. As seen on, it's perfect for beginners because it's so easy-to-use, and hard-core exercisers will love the touch 'n go resistance dial to pump up the intensity! Complete with an owner's manual and exercise DVD, Air Climber from Brenda Dygraff is your solution to fitness, health and a sculpted sexy body. Use the links below to find the best deal on the Air Climber™.
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