Malibu Pilates - Reviews Tell How this Pilates Chair Exercise Machine Works Better than Much High End Gym Equipment. Endorsed by Susan Lucci

Hit the beach this summer with the same sexy swagger the Malibu hotties have with Malibu Pilates™, the exercise chair that outperforms your traditional exercise machine to give you lean thighs, a rock-hard ab and beautiful buns in just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Hollywood actress Susan Lucci uses Malibu Pilates to keep her young, thin, and healthy for her daytime soap opera career, and she's not the only one - dozens of hot Hollywood hunks, movie stars and glistening Malibu beach bodies love Malibu Pilaties. Does Mailbu Pilates really work? Just listen to the reviews and testimonial opinions from real life consumers: "I lost 17 pounds and 21 inches all around," says 38-year-old Tammy Crider. "It was amazing how fast I went from a size 10 to a size 4!" Dia Dibble, 42, lost a whopping 32 pounds and 30 inches off her midsection with Malibu Pilates, and finally has confidence to slip in a bikini again. "I was really amazed at how the chair really tightened up my body," she says. "My hips, buns and thighs were all much smaller." Even 45-year old Josh Hayes got into the act by losing 22 pounds and three inches off his waist. "The big accomplishment for me is that I have a flat stomach," he says. The secret to their amazing weight loss and body-toning successes lies in Malibu Pilates' adjustable sculpting resistance applied when you push down on the dual pedals with your hands or feet, and the revolutionary supported pull-up resistance that no other exercise or machine in the world has. These power technologies, combined with the non-stop dual-pedal exercises, means you'll be burning fat and looking great in no time. You'll feel great too! MalibuPilates comes with the Basic Breakdown 10-minute DVD, the 20-minute fat-blasting Malibu Makeover DVD, and the Total Dream Body Workout DVD loaded with great cardio moves sure to get you in great shape in no time. As seen on the TV commercial/infomercial with Susan Lucci, Carol Alt, Paige Hemmis, and creator Carol Krieff. Also availalbe is the Malibu Pilates eating guide with delicious recipes to fuel your weight loss routine, Mari Winsor's Dynamic Moves DVD, and Susan Lucci's own Malibu 10 Wall Chart. "Try it for 30 days and you will sculpt your body and be leaner, meaner and sexier," Susan Lucci says. Use the links below to find the best offer on Malibu Pliates™
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