Slendertone Flex - Belt and Pads that Really Work Your Abs to the Max

Finally a serious ab belt system that has been proven to work! Slendertone™ Flex System uses electro-magnetic muscle stimulation to tighten and tone your abs. The Slendertone belt is even programmable; you can set your own workout intensity. The technology of the Slendertone Flex System belt works your entire abdominal region, not just those ab muscles under the pad. Unlike other ab belts, the Slendertone system gel pads do not make a mess. In fact, the Slendertone's re-usable no-mess gel pads are a patented design. So does Slendertone really work or is Slendertone a scam? Most other ab belts have been taken off the market because they did not have to power to live up to their claims. But Slendertone Flex is the only ab belt that has been approved by the FDA. Slendertone is not a toy; it is a Class II medical device. Over one million Slendertone Flex belts have already been sold in Europe. Ms. Fitness Magazine named Slenderton "Product of the Year." According to founding editor Greta Blackburn, "We love the hard science behind it. We love the clinical studies…It actually works." And according to Slendertone Flex user and NFL superstar Jerry Rice, "I got the results that I really need." Use the links below to find the best deal on Slendertone™ Flex System.
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