Contour Ab Belt - FDA-Cleared Toning System Works to Exercise Abdominal Muscles. Electronic Toner Belt Gives Your Abs a Complete Workout.

Forget painful and pointless sit-ups and sculpt the perfect midsection with the Contour™ Ab Belt, the exciting new ab toner that is 600% more effective than traditional crunches. The Contour Ab Belt works by stimulating your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and lower body - all at the same time! Thermographic imaging proves that normal crunches only work your upper abs, leaving your lower (and most visible) areas flabby. Not the Contour Ab Belt - best of all, there's no painful crunching. Simply strap it on, adjust it to your waist, set your program, and go about your business - the Contor Ab Belt gives your abs an energizing workout while you clean your home, work at the office, or just relax around the house. The electronic impulses delivered by the Contour Ab Belt are safe and FDA cleared, so you can use the ultimate ab energizer again and again. Most ab toning exercise equipment is expensive, bulky, and a hassle to use. As seen on and, the Contour Ab Belt is easy, and even better, it's up to 600% more effective because it stimulates all of your midsection muscles at once. So is the Contour Ab Belt a scam or does the Contour Ab Belt really work? Review this testimonial opion from customer Ana Berger: "I've gotten incredible results with the Contour system...I lost 11.75 inches on my waist, and I feel amazing!" Consumer Holly Richardson also loves her Contour Ab Belt: "It's the first thing that worked for me," she says. "I lost 11 inches off my midsection - 11 - that's almost a foot!" Get the lean, sexy, sculpted abs you deserve with the easy-to-use and super-effective Contour Ab Belt. Use the links below to find the best offer on Contour™ Ab Belt.
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