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Hollywood celebrities such as Brooke Burke, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez swear by Core Secrets®, Gunnar Petersonís workout program that uses a ball to help exercise every part of the body. The ball is the secret to this system. The ball keeps you focused. Just sitting on the ball forces you to maintain balance and this energizes your "core," which is essential to your physical fitness. Use of the ball makes Core Secrets superior to the exercise equipment you will find at a gym or health club. Indeed, the Core Secrets videos will show you how to use the ball with many moves that can replace all kinds of fitness machines you'll find in a gym. Gunnarís system is based on the 1-2-3 Core: 1) Upper Body, including abs 2) Lower Body 3) Core. The core is your foundation and is responsible for your posture. By focusing on the core, you can work your body from the inside out. And the using the ball will help you work out those hard to reach problem areas. So, does Core Secrets really work? Listen to this testimonial from Cherly Klone: "Core Secrets helped me break through my plateau because itís quick. It uses many of your muscles all at once." Use the links below to find the best deal on Core Secrets®
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