Flavor Wave Oven - Turbo Countertop Cooker Combines the Power of Conduction, Convection, and Halogen Intrafred Methods for Fast Cooking. Endorsed by Mr. T

The Flavor Wave Oven® Turbo takes your frozen food and gives you a delicious meal full of flavor in just minutes! The FlavorWave Oven Turbo cooker portable countertop unit combines 3 powerful cooking methods in a single product: The deluxe Flavor Wave halogen light uses conductive heat to brown your food just like a stove top unit; the halogen light also triggers the specially designed ceramic grill to produce infrared radiant waves (aka “Flavor Waves”) that make your food taste great and cook evenly inside and out; finally, convection air circulates the hot air inside the oven which is a much more efficient and effective control than turning the food around. The power of the Flaovor Wave Oven Turbo cooker replaces your microwave, convection oven, conventional oven, rotisserie, BBQ grill, toaster oven, steamer, and food dehydrator. As seen on www.flavorwaveoventurbo.com, the tabletop FlavorWave Oven Turbo takes your food recipe from frozen to a deliciously cooked meal in just minutes, with no defrosting or preheating required. You’ve seen the TV commercial/infomercial with hosts Mr. T and Jan Muller where the table top FloavorWave Oven works to cook a frozen steak completely in just 18 minutes as well as a cryogenically frozen prime rib. The FlavorWave Oven Delux from Thane can cook chicken, turkey, steak, seafood and more recipes quickly. The available extender expansion ring lets you cook a turkey as large as 16 pounds in size. Compare to the original Nu Wave (Nuwave) oven. The heat-tempered glass cooking tray base, the metal grill rack, and the unbreakable polycarbonate dome parts are all dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. So does the Flavor Wave Oven Turbo really work? Review this opinion testimonial from FlavorWave owner Linda Casey: “I was pleasantly surprised that the food is tender, moist, and cooked the way that it should be in half the time.” Use the links below to find the best deal on the Flavor Wave Oven® Turbo
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