Infrawave Oven - Review the Black and Decker Speed Cooking Countertop Oven to Cook Your Recipes Quick - and Get a FREE Bonus

Get quick, healthy cooking from the revolutionary Black and Decker Infrawave® Oven - the new revolution in kitchen technology from the most trusted name in the industry. Unlike convection ovens that use slow-cooking, heated elements and microwaves that leave food dry and unevenly-cooked, the Black and Decker Infrawave Speed Oven utilizes revolutionary infrared LightWave technology to cook your food quickly, evenly and efficiently. One review panel was shocked by the Infrawave Oven's speed, and was absolutely amazed at the cooked food's quality. The Infrawave Speed Oven preserves food's natural texture and taste so you'll never know it was cooked in minutes - grill juicy steaks in 18 minutes; bake mouthwatering pork chops in 14 minutes and cook crisp chicken fingers in just eight. Bagels toast in under two minutes every time in the Infrewave Oven. The Black and Decker Infrawave Speed Oven is the perfect way to put quick, healthy foods on the table because with no added oil or fat. The convenient oven has a sleek design and is compact enough to sit on the countertop. It's also easy to use - simply use the QuickTouch menu to tell it what you're cooking and the infrared Infrawave Oven automatically sets the time and temperature. You can even use the Convert Button to mix and match recipes to satisfy the hunger of your entire family. You've seen the Black and Decker Infarwave Oven on the Incredible Discoveries commmercial/infomercial with Julie Horanski and David Jones. The Black and Decker Infarwave Oven comes with two all-purpose pans, a grilling rack, a broiling rack, convenient pan holder and a handy Cooking Tips DVD that demonstrates how to cook smart and save time. Also available is the Black and Decker Dual Speed Chopper. This powerful appliance features a double-capacity cylinder that converts to a storage container so you can move from chopper to fridge in one easy step. Best of all, the Black and Decker Infrawave Oven is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you don't agree that the Infrawave Oven makes dinner preparation quicker, easier and healthier we'll send a full refund. Use the links below to find the best deal on the Black and Decker Infrawave® Oven.
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