Body By Jake Gravity Force Trainer - Product Reviews Say This Exercise Equipment is One of the Best Compact Home Gyms.

Are you looking for a simpler, easier way to completely transform your body? Look no more: now there's the all-new Body by Jake® Gravity Force Trainer, the revolutionary, compact workout system for home gyms everywhere. The BodybyJake Gravity Force Trainer makes getting in shape fast and fun. It brings a completely new technology to fitness: a smooth, steady motion that gives you the benefits of free weights with the safety of a machine. The Body by Jake GravityForce Trainer uses your own body weight to power its innovative workout. You just sit, push and pull your way through Jake's exclusive 7 Pillars of Strength Workout, which includes The Seated Squat, the Chest Press, the Lat Pull Down, the Shoulder Press, the Triceps Dip, the Biceps Curl and the Ab Crunch. With these 7 exercises and just 21 minutes, 3 days a week, you can get leaner, firmer buns, hips and thighs, stronger legs, a sculpted chest, arms and upper body, and a six-pack to make others jealous. This one piece of exercise equipment is like a total home gym to get you the sculpted, sexy, lean body you've always wanted. "The Gravity Force Trainer gave me a total transformation. I get back into the clothes I wore four years ago. It gave me the body that I have today. It's amazing," reviews a satisfied user who lost an amazing 42 pounds with the Body by Jake Gravity Force Trainer. The Body by Jake Gravity Force Trainer's direct-drive resistance is the source of the high-powered workout and is made of the same carbon steel technology used in fitness center exercise equipment that cost thousands of dollars. With this GravityForceTrainer technology, your body weight is what powers the exercise motion. You can use as little as 5% of your body weight or as much as 150% of your body weight. The machine works your muscles right away for fast shaping and sculpting. The Body by Jake Gravity Force Trainer's steel construction and carbon steel belt drive is extremely durable and the machine is easy to adjust and use. Use the links below to find the best deal on the Body By Jake® Gravity Force Trainer.
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