Slim In 6 - Review Debbie Siebers Six Week Video Exercise Workout Program on DVD

Wouldn't be easier to start - and stick to - an exercise program if you knew exactly when the results would pay off? Of course it would! And that's exactly what you get with Debbie Siebers' Slim In 6® the video workout program created by fitness guru Debbie Siebers to get you slim, trim and sexy in just 6 weeks. Unlike other exercise programs, Slim In Six was engineered with one thing in mind: To give you maximum results in the shortest amount of time. That's why Slim In 6 incorporates a progressive workout program administered in phases to keep your muscles sharp and your body sleek and sexy. Each Slim In 6 phase from Debbie Seibers has its own DVD: In week one you'll do the 'Start It Up' DVD for a quick fat burn. In fact, the reviews say many Slim In 6 users lose as much as 10 pounds in the first week alone! In week two you'll move on to 'Ramp It Up,' which concentrates on muscle toning and progressive fat burning so your body won't plateau - you get maximum weight loss from SlimIn6! Finally you'll be ready for the 'Burn It Up' DVD workout, which will solidify your lean, sexy body and give you the confidence and health you've always wanted. "You can change your body in 6 weeks and I'll show you how," creator Debbie Siebers says. Your complete Slim In 6 package includes Debbie's simple steps to success pamphlet, which will guide you through your total body transformation. You've seen Slim in 6 on the TV commercial/infomercial with host Julie Moran and model Kim Alexis. So does Slim in 6 really work? Review this testimonial opinion from customer Ivette Rivas, who lost 45lbs: "With Slim in 6 I lost 45 pounds. My leg, my thighs, everything just shrunk...I was losing inches and fat like crazy. Right now I have a 6-pack. I'm ripped and hard and I love it. It's great." How do you want to look in 6 weeks? Try the Official Slim In 6® Program from Debbie Siebers with a Risk-Free Trial and 3 FREE Gifts at
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Try the Official Slim In 6® Program from Debbie Siebers with a Risk-Free Trial and 3 FREE Gifts
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