The Bean - Review All the Routines You Can Do with this Exercise Equipment Chair Rocker

Get rock-solid abs in just 21 minutes a week with The Bean®, the three-in-one exercise rocker that naturally targets your problem areas for a lean, concentrated workout that gives you real results fast. The Bean is better than exercise balls because it combines three exercises -- crunches, pelvic tilts and leg raises - into one smooth motion. In fact, a San Diego State University study found The Bean exerciser to be so effective, it increases muscle activity by as much as 72% over regular routines! The Been also contours to your spine so it's as comfortable as your favorite easy chair. No more tense and painful muscles after your workout. The Bean is the only exercise equipment you'll ever need for rock-hard, super model strong abs. Best of all, The Bean gives you beautiful abs in just three seven-minute workouts a week! Isn't 21 minutes a week a small price to pay for the amazing body you've always wanted? TheBean is fun too! Dr. Mark Schillinger gives The Bean a top-rated review: "When you're using The Bean you're stretching the core muscles of your spine, which gives you good posture." And the doctor isn't The Bean's only fan - Christina Lowry lost 20 pounds fast exercising just 21 minutes a week. "You work from the top all the down and I really think that that's what caused my stomach to be so flat," she says. Sculpt your abs, improve your posture, feel better and look sexier in just 21 minutes a week. Use the links below to find the best deal on The Bean®
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