Xpress Redi-Set-Go - Customer Reviews Show this Cathy Mitchell Cooker is Ready to Cook Delicious Deluxe Recipes Easier Than Ever

The Xpress Redi Set Go™ comes with so many feature-rich improvements, it's like the deluxe version of the original Xpress 101 that sold over 2 million units worldwide. With the Xpress Redi Set Go, you can quickly cook tantalizing meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Used by famous cooking guru Cathy Mitchell, the Xpress Redi Set Go cooks fast food quick and healthy – imagine personal pizzas with your favorite toppings in just 7 minutes, pork tenderloin in 8 minutes, beef burritos with Spanish rice in 5 minutes, and complete gourmet meals in under 10 minutes... and you can do it all with the XpressRediSet Go. True to its name, you simply ready your favorite dishes, place them on the griddle, close the top, set the built-in timer and go! The Xpress Redi Set Go's amazing non-stick top and bottom cooking plates quickly warm and go to work cooking all your favorite foods – it will even sizzle amazing steaks. The green light lets you know when the Xpress Redi Set Go is ready to cook, and you just wait for the buzzer that lets you know your food is ready. Listen to reviews by Cathy Mitchell: “I'll put this (Xpress Redi Set Go) steak up against any fine restaurant's – and win.” The Xpress Ready Set Go has a 25% larger cooking area and replaced the bottom divider with a flat surface so you cook pizzas, cakes, and pie crusts with ease. Xpress ReadySetGo is easier and cheaper than the oven, too. In fact, the Xpress Redi Set Go cooks up to 2 times faster than a conventional oven and saves up to 70% in electrical costs. Fry, bake, grill, and sear with one simple, easy-to-use, fast appliance. And to mix things up for amazing desserts and beautiful meatballs and muffins, simply drop in the cupcake and divider inserts and cook your favorite treats fast. Most recipes take 10 minutes or less to prepare! Use the links below to find the best deal on Xpress Redi Set Go™.
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