Bender Ball - Reviews Prove the Leslie Bender Method Really Works for Ab Muscle Results

Looking for a way to get amazing abs, but tired of doing hundreds of crunches? Hate those tiresome ab workouts that really never seem to work out? Look no more. The Bender Method of Core Training, as seen on TV and developed by master trainer Leslie Bender, incorporates the power of the Bender Ball® as a secret weapon to beautifully sculpt your abs so you get real results, real fast. The Bender Ball is a small ball that targets abs in a way that traditional crunches can't. That's because with traditional floor crunches, you can only go forward, but you can't go back past the floor. The BenderBall elevates your lower back, so you can go forward and back to get a full range of muscle-building, ab-pumping extension and flexion. This allows you to target more than just the upper abs so you can work your upper abs, sides and even the hard-to-reach lower abs to get sexy, toned abs fast. It's a complete ab workout. As seen on, each of Leslie's ab-sculpting moves puts you in the ideal position for results. Combined with her effective method of Selective Stabilization, you get greater intensity and can target the muscles from all sides for total ab transformation. Does the Bender Ball really work? Yes! In fact, Independent University tests prove that the BenderBall is up to 408% more effective than ordinary crunches! Reviews from users include one woman saying, "I've gotten such good results that I would never go back to regular crunches!" and another woman confidently sharing that "You will see results quickly…and that's the best part!" Get sexy, slim, toned abs starting right now with the Bender Ball. Use the links below to find the best deal on Bender Ball®.
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