Melt It Off with Mitch - Reviews Show the 3 Day Melt Program and G-Ball from Mitch Gaylord Work for Sustained Weight Loss.

Imagine yourself 3 days from now... 5 pounds lighter, 2 inches slimmer and 1 size smaller. Impossible, you say? Not anymore! With the Melt It Off™ 3 Day weight loss program you'll be on the fast track to sustained weight loss - and you'll notice a difference in just 3 days. Developed by weight loss and fitness guru Mitch Gaylord, Melt It Off features an innovative weight resistance cardio-aerobic combination of workouts for a 1-2 kick that blasts the fat from your body and gets you in great metabolic shape. The secret to the Melt It Off system's astounding success is the G-Ball, a 2 lb. sphere that helps you harness the power of resistance while you're doing aerobics. Forget the weights, forget the expensive equipment and gym membership - read the reviews and get on the fast track to weight loss with Melt It Off. Start with the High Calorie Melt DVD where Mitch Gaylord will walk you through metabolism-boosting moves to jump-start your weight loss - even when you're not working out. Move on to the Cardio Burn and Sculpt DVD to tone your muscles for a hot beach body. As seen on, this sizzling abs DVD helps you chisel your way to a washboard stomach - the workouts on these DVDs burn up to 1,000 calories. Melt It Off also comes with Mitch Gaylord's Melt It Off Guide to losing fat fast, plus you'll get complete meal plans, recipes and a rotation calendar so you'll always know what you need to do each day. MeltItOff is fast, fun and easy! You'll also get two FREE DVDs: Mitch Gaylord's Melt In 10 for fast-burning 10-minute workouts in a pinch, and his Winning Mind Set CD to keep you on track with your weight loss goals. That's a $40 value. You'll also get your 2-lb. G-Ball FREE. What're you waiting for? In just 3 days you can be 5 pounds lighter, 2 inches slimmer and 1 size smaller on the fast track the the sexiest body you've ever had. Take it from Mitch Gaylord himself: "Try my program, put it to the test. You don't need 30 days, because you'll know in 3. Use the links below to find the best offer on Melt It Off™.
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